Friday, April 25, 2008

Curio Obscura

I followed an intriguing banner ad from SLX to the Curio Obscura. There I saw twin child avies with porcelain skin and long wavy hair. Identical except for the names. One asking about the sizing of the shoe for sale in the shop. Three avies on the Victorian love seat, a furry with his head in the lap of a dragon and a doll with a turning iron key on her back.

A man came in wearing the copper steampunk avatar that is sold in the shop, and asked the ones on the couch if they knew the creator. Horse whinny in the silence. The reply: We know him but I wouldn't say we were friends.

My camera happened to be focused on and followed one of the twins as she walked away and shrunk into the distance on the infinitely flat green outside. Horse whinny in the silence.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi there,

Seems that the ling to texture bake using zbrush is broken.

Appreciate if you could fix it as its really helpful for us to learn. :) Thanks